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phlite is a Rust library, providing a framework for implicit matrix reduction, for persistent homology.

From the repo:

The goal of this library is to separate out the components of Ripser that are specialised to the VR filtration from those that are applicable more boardly. As such, we provide a framework for developing fast, memory-efficient software to compute the persistent homology of novel filtrations.

At its core, phlite is a framework for implementing lazy oracles for sparse matrices D where the rows and columns can be indexed by arbitrary (ordered types). Unlike Ripser, phlite is batteries not included. In order to use the library, you must

  • choose appropriate types to index your matrix;
  • implement a matrix oracle which can report the non-zero entries in a given column;
  • compute an ordered basis for the column space of D (typically in reverse filtration order).

Typically one should compute the barcode by decomposing the boundary matrix for relative cohomology. Representative cycles can then be computed via involution.

complex/rips custom/boundary-matrix custom/distance custom/filtration lang/rust type/persistence type/representative