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Dionysus 2

From the docs:

Dionysus 2 is the second incarnation of the library [Dionysus] for computing persistent homology. As before, it’s written in C++, with Python bindings.

  • Cleaner, more consistent internal design (for example, all algorithms support arbitrary fields).
  • Some new algorithms, e.g., Omni-field Persistence and Wasserstein and bottleneck distance computation from Hera.
  • A few Plotting routines, based on Matplotlib.
  • Better integration with NumPy.

Features that haven’t (yet) made it over from Dionysus 1 include vineyards.

complex/rips complex/simplicial custom/filtration dist/bottleneck dist/wasserstein lang/c++ lang/python type/omnifield type/persistence type/zigzag vis/diagram